Gut Hag Concepts

Concept art for a gut hag.... here is a brief description:
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- MACHA! I swear to the Gods, to YOU! I saw it with me own fucking eyes!

+ If this is one of your lies again...

She moves the splinter closer to his retina almost piercing it by a single hairs width.

- NO NOOOO! I swear it....Why would I make up such a hideous creature! What do you take me for exactly dear Macha!?

+ ...What do you gain from this...from me seeking out this...this gut creature and killing it...just another one of your tricks again!

-I live close by...-he gulps and try's steadying his voice-.the gurgling howls those walking gut monsters make at night, behind those walls keep me from sleeping Macha...I cant take it anymore and I cant whole family is losing me fucking mind...who else is going to help me!?

+ yes it is true...your not your usual charming self..but remember owe me more than twice now. I demand to see loyalty in the future. From you and that elusive family of yours.

Macha releases the splinter and lets it fall to the floor...

-So....You will help!? You and that....bird? Thing...


- Eh?

+Her name is Badb, and she is much more than a 'bird'

- Ok lass ok...I was

Macha with lightning speed and her fingers around his neck like a vice rams his head back into place against the wooden wall behind him, her face inches from his with a look that could strike fear into any living thing.

+ ..........Call me.....Lass... another single time, in this life time.....and you wont be here for the rest of it, or the next life time for that matter...little lad

- Y - Yes ....yes G - Goddess Morri-

+ name is Macha.

A Crow like shape fly's down near to Macha and watches...

Macha nods to the Crow...

+ Of course...he did have it coming though ...

She releases him.

+ Come this...Gut Hag...

She walks out of the cabin....the man looking at them both with a grin creeping up on his face as she leaves.

Then....a growling sound...from a shadow nearby...Machas...shadow..