Gut Hounds

- Yes yes, I understand are a Goddess and all ..BUT even Gods and Goddesses should probably leave some things be? Let it run its course ya know? ...Just stay away from it and let it disappear? Nothing lasts eternally anyway, let it die off naturally.

+There it is.....There is nothing natural about walking creatures made from an everlasting supply of I explain myself more?

- Macha....PLEASE...Its a fuckin hell hole! There is nothing good there left to save! WHY BOTHER!?

+ What kind of Goddess do you take me for exactly? I think our little picnics in the woods together have brushed a fickle image of me. There may be naught much to 'save'...but there will be knowledge gained from pulling out the weed to learn from it...

- I am fallen for you Macha....I dont want to lo-

+ Lose me? Pfft....FALLEN FOR ME!? Yes...a fickle image of me indeed. I am going to that land of guts...and going to find the cause of this affliction...and splinter it into submission...and and my two sisters will hold a victory feast...all eyes will see!

-....You know I find it strange how they all started appearing into those things the moment you wake up from that sleep of yours...

*she glares at him*

+WHAT....are you implying..? That me or my sisters are up to something?

-No no....just something I noticed...maybe it's nothing. But could there be a connection to your awakening? we are understanding each other...Good day fine sir. Bolt your doors and wait for me by nights end.

and with that...she heads out to the village of end a hag and her hounds.